21 February 2018

UNICEF support for #saveLarissa


Today Steffen was shopping for Larissa: A blackboard for homeschooling. 


He met some friendly UNICEF promoters, who will now also support #saveLarissa with flyers - a real win-win situation.


Every stem cell donor is a potential life saver! Please register!



17 February 2018



 We kicked it off online and have reached out to many.


Now we started the offline campaign with 20.000 flyers.


Many thanks for support to the company Druckhaus Waiblingen and all the helping hands.

16 February 2018

Weekly blood transfusion


Today Larissa was back to hospital. She made her homework while waiting for the blood transfusion. She needs regular blood transfusions.


A big thank you to all blood donors !!

10 February 2018



Big registration hosted by DKMS taking place on Sunday March 4th at the GAZI Stadium at Waldau / Stuttgart.

Registration and information available to all from 11 am to 4pm.

9 February 2018



Today's menu: thrombocytes. Larissa needs them once a week. Thank you to all blood donors!


MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome) is the reason, why she needs someone else's blood to stop bleeding. Her own bone marrow is not working.


Larissa needs a bone marrow transplant for survival. Register with your counties bone marrow registry

8 February 2018



Sword so sharp, it cut off dad'tie! Larissa is ready for the fight against MDS.

7 February 2018

Back to hospital


Larissa is back to hospital after a 5 days break.


In a quick test it is determined if she needs a blood transfusion today.

Looks like she's lucky and can skip this today.


We will be back in 2 days.

6 February 2018

Letters for typing


The first letters for the typing arrived at the possible donors.


Thank you very much for your help!

2 February 2018

Blood transfusion


Today Larissa needs erythrocytes and thrombocytes.


Lucky her nose bleed stopped after 50min.


Thank you to all blood donors!